Phen Phen for Weight Loss

The "Phen" in Thermo Phen Phen refers to the 200mg of Phenylalanine contained in this weight loss formula designed to increase metabolism while reducing appetite. The Phen part of the formula is the secret weapon that helps to reduce your appetite by telling your brain that your stomach is full. This special ingredient is a naturally occurring amino acid found in most foods that contain protein like milk, eggs, cheese and beef however you need to use a supplement to achieve a high dosage like 200mg. Phenylalanine has been found in research studies to be a potent appetite suppressant that works by increasing the hormone cholecystokinin (CCK) that is naturally released by the body to decrease your appetite by signaling the brain that your stomach is full.1,2 You will experience the difference that Phenylalanine has upon your appetite anytime you supplement your weight loss with Thermo Phen Phen because each serving contains a potent dosage of 200mg in every serving.

Phen Phen = Less Appetite for weight loss

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1Gibbs J, Falasco JD, McHugh PR. "Cholecystokinin-decreased food intake in rhesus monkeys." Am J Physiol. 1976 Jan;230(1):15-18
2T. Silverstone and E. Goodall, The Clinical Pharmacology of Appetite Suppressant Drugs, Int J. Obes. 8.1 (1984):23-33

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